Monday, 22 February 2010

Aachi & ssipak (2006)

Rating: 7.1/10
Runtime: 88
Language: Korean (English softsubs)
Country: South Korea
Color: color (animation)
IMDb Link:

Director: Jo Beom-jin
Chang Jung Lim (voice)
Seung-wan Ryoo (voice)
Yeong Hyeon (voice)
Gyu-hwa Lee (voice)
Gyu-hyeong Lee (voice)
In-yong Oh (voice)

Description: The story takes place in a newly built city, after the world has run out of all forms of conventional energy. In this city a new source of energy is used: excrements. The leaders of the city pass two new laws to generate and control the new energy: 1) There is an ID-chip installed in every citizen´s anus to monitor their defecation level. 2) For each defecation the citizen receives a bright blue, suckable "juicybar" (which contains addictive substances). As a result, defecation amounts have rocketed, but the addictive nature of the juicybars has created an illegal trade market. As a side effect of the juicybars some people have mutated into blue, penisless, dwarf-sized mutants. As these mutants are unable to defecate, they form the "diaper-gang" to attack and plunder juicybar-transports.
And this is just what we are told in the first two minutes of the film! I´m not making this up, I swear. But whatever these South Koreans mix into their food, I want to have it too.


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Thanks for sharing the link. The film sounds to be interesting one..Let me check my plan. I will surely go for it.

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