Monday, 11 January 2010

All of the Dead (2000)

Rating: NA
Runtime: 2
Language: NA
Country: England
Color: B&W
IMDb Link: NA

Director: Tim Drage & Tony Mines

Description: The World's First LEGO® Video Nasty!

I can't remember why we decided to make a LEGO horror movie, but some time in 1999 myself, (Tim Drage), and my friend and partner in brickfilm crime Tony Mines, did. I think we were inspired mainly by the aquisition of a LEGO skeleton figure and by the increasing levels of violence and evil in the supposedly war-toy-free LEGO range. So we customised some minifigs, built a rudimentary graveyard from plasticine and card, and using my trusty Super-8 Cine camera and some lovely monochrome stock I had recently purchased, began filming indiscriminitely. We animated heedless of such niceties as continuity, making sense or getting the shots in focus. There was some vague semblance of a plot in which explorers discover an ancient thingy which makes the dead rise from their graves, followed by random violence and intertextual references. It's quite a broad and vague parody encompassing horror genres including silent movies, 60's-70's indie horror, 80's gore, and 90's stupididy.

We shot various footage intermittently whenever we got round to it, and in August 2000 we finally managed to edit together something loosely resembling a movie. It was one of the first few brickfilms on the internet.

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Do watch this small CC gem!

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The Clip is so funny!!
I want more of that stuff! Haha!
Great job!!