Monday, 11 January 2010

Relics: Einstein's Brain (1994)

Rating: 7.5
Runtime: 65 Min.
Language: English / Japanese [with hardcoded Swedish subs]
Country: UK
Color: Color
IMDb Link:

Director: Kevin Hull
Kenji Sugimoto
Rie Koto
Thomas Harvey
William S. Burroughs
Kip McGrath
Benjamin Wright
Marian Diamond
Evelyne Einstein
Charles Boyd
Harry Zimmermann

Description: The documentary is introduced by a set of titles informing the viewer that Albert Einstein's brain was extracted after his death in 1955 and that it was donated to the Princeton Medical Center. We then meet Kenji Sugimoto, professor of mathematics and science at the Kinki University of Osaka. In broken English, he describes what Einstein means to him:
"Einstein teaches me about love as well as science. Passion, love and science. I love Albert Einstein."
Thus, he embarks on a pilgrimage to Princeton to find the legendary cerebrum. Once there, he learns that the brain has been misplaced, and the film documents his subsequent travels across the United States to recover it. The last person known to handle the item is Thomas Stoltz Harvey, a man it proves difficult to find. One lead sends Sugimoto to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, where a former associate of Harvey's, Dr. Harry Zimmerman, informs the unlikely pilgrim that the man he is seeking in fact is dead.
Sugimoto next tracks down Einstein's granddaughter by adoption, Evelyn Einstein. She tells him she has reason to believe she actually is biologically related to Einstein, and has been in dialogue with an institute to compare her DNA to that of the late scientist's brain. The brain sample used for this was sent from Harvey's residence in Lawrence, Kansas, giving Sugimoto a possible lead to the brain's current whereabouts.
Once in Kansas, it appears Zimmerman was misinformed; Thomas Harvey is still very much alive.

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District 9 (2009)

Rating: 8.6/10
Runtime: 112
Language: English
Country: New Zealand
Color: Color
IMDb Link:

Director: Neill Blomkamp
Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, Nathalie Boltt, Sylvaine Strike

Description: In 1990, a massive star ship bearing a bedraggled alien population, nicknamed "The Prawns," appeared over Johannesburg, South Africa. Twenty years later, the initial welcome by the human population has faded. The refugee camp where the aliens were located has deteriorated into a militarized ghetto called District 9, where they are confined and exploited in squalor. In 2010, the munitions corporation, Multi-National United, is contracted to forcibly evict the population with operative Wikus van der Merwe in charge. In this operation, Wikus is exposed to a strange alien chemical and must rely on the help of his only two new 'Prawn' friends.

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All of the Dead (2000)

Rating: NA
Runtime: 2
Language: NA
Country: England
Color: B&W
IMDb Link: NA

Director: Tim Drage & Tony Mines

Description: The World's First LEGO® Video Nasty!

I can't remember why we decided to make a LEGO horror movie, but some time in 1999 myself, (Tim Drage), and my friend and partner in brickfilm crime Tony Mines, did. I think we were inspired mainly by the aquisition of a LEGO skeleton figure and by the increasing levels of violence and evil in the supposedly war-toy-free LEGO range. So we customised some minifigs, built a rudimentary graveyard from plasticine and card, and using my trusty Super-8 Cine camera and some lovely monochrome stock I had recently purchased, began filming indiscriminitely. We animated heedless of such niceties as continuity, making sense or getting the shots in focus. There was some vague semblance of a plot in which explorers discover an ancient thingy which makes the dead rise from their graves, followed by random violence and intertextual references. It's quite a broad and vague parody encompassing horror genres including silent movies, 60's-70's indie horror, 80's gore, and 90's stupididy.

We shot various footage intermittently whenever we got round to it, and in August 2000 we finally managed to edit together something loosely resembling a movie. It was one of the first few brickfilms on the internet.

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Do watch this small CC gem!