Thursday, 17 April 2008

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust - Banpaia hantâ D (2000)

Rating: 7.7/10
Runtime: 103
Language: English / Japanese / German
Country: Japan / Hong Kong / USA
Color: Color
IMDb Link:

Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Jack Fletcher
Hideyuki Tanaka ... D
Ichirô Nagai ... Left Hand
Kôichi Yamadera ... Meier Link
Megumi Hayashibara ... Leila
Emi Shinohara ... Charlotte Elbourne
Yûsaku Yara ... Borgoff
Hôchû Ôtsuka ... Kyle
Rintarou Nishi ... Mashira
Keiji Fujiwara ... Benge
Yôko Soumi ... Caroline
Toshihiko Seki ... Grove
Ryûzaburô Ôtomo ... Nolt
Chikao Ôtsuka ... Barbarois Elder
Takeshi Aono ... Polk
Motomu Kiyokawa ... John Elbourne

Description: In the far distant future, vampires rule the night. But because of the fearless bounty hunters, their numbers dwindle. One such is D, a half-breed born of a human mother and a vampire father. He is hired by a father-son team to retrieve Charlotte, a lovely young lady, who was abducted by the vampire Meier Link. However, they also hired the Marcus Brothers for competition. In a race against time and across the lands, D and the Brothers fight their way through demons and monsters to save the woman, and slowly begin to suspect that she wasn't taken against her will...and that another threat looms in the distance...

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plasma said...

I love your blog, finally some other movies than the usual blockbusters.
Do you happen to have the movie Altered States? I've been looking foor it for quite a while.

matias said...

The best blog I have ever read... nice man or girl... bye

Yu said...

Amazing Movie for animated. Pure masterpiece.

queensescort said...

Hi plasma. I found altered states, will post link ASAP!