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Soylent Green (1973)

Rating: 7.0/10
Runtime: 97
Language: English
Country: USA
Color: Color
IMDb Link:

Director: Richard Fleischer
Charlton Heston ... Detective Robert Thorn
Leigh Taylor-Young ... Shirl
Chuck Connors ... Tab Fielding
Joseph Cotten ... William R. Simonson
Brock Peters ... Lt. Hatcher, Chief of Detectives
Paula Kelly ... Martha Phillips
Edward G. Robinson ... Sol Roth
Stephen Young ... Gilbert
Mike Henry ... Sgt. Kulozik
Lincoln Kilpatrick ... Father Paul
Roy Jenson ... State Security Chief Donovan
Leonard Stone ... Supt. Charles
Whit Bissell ... Gov. Santini
Celia Lovsky ... Exchange Leader
Dick Van Patten ... Usher #1

Description: The year is 2022. New York City has become overpopulated with 40 million people and pollution has caused the temperature to be risen and all natural resources have been destroyed, leaving 40 million people starving. The Soylent Company has create a new food product, Soylent Green. In the overpopulated and polluted New York City, police detective Thorn is assigned to investigate the brutal murder of an corporate official of the Soylent company, William R. Simonson. Thorn's investigation into Simonson's murder leads him to uncover a conspiracy in the Soylant company and the Soylent Green food product itself, where Thorn uncovers the horrible truth about Soylent Green.

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